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This blog was created to cover my experience on any fitness programs. My perspective right now is to follow others experiences, get motivated, always inspired and hopefully get done with my goals.

My first round of Insanity started February 6th 2012. After a year long hiatus and 8 kgs gain I started the 2nd round on December 2nd 2013. My ultimate goal is not a number but to feel completely unbeatable in terms of health. It has been a long time since I last felt that way, and I'm dead serious about achieving it all over again!

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So, I was supposed to smash the Fit Test plus Max Interval Circuit Today. I finished the fit test but near the end I started having an horrifying lower belly pain that are most definitely cramps.. I almost couldn’t finish the fit test but I was gladly on the 2 last exercises and could gather strength to finish it. I needed to lay on the couch right after and now I am feeling a bit better. I am simply not sleeping enough nor eating enough. I need more protein. Much more protein. Sigh. So hard. My mind has been crazy, my thoughts won’t stop running wild and I can’t process all the information I need to be able to cope with everything going on. I won’t bend on the workouts though. This is simply too important for me. No matter how hard or tired I’ve been feeling I need to push this through. I am just going to stay put for today since my left wrist has been aching since yesterday so I am just going to give it all tomorrow. I am nevertheless adding 2 more of insanity weeks as well so I can make up for the 3 workout days I missed last week (my body is feeling it, and it was only 3 days and not even in a row..). 

These are the results of my fit test today (in brackets the results of the last one): 

Switch kicks: 125 (117)

Power Jacks: 49 (52)

Power Knees: 114 (111)

Power Jumps: 61 (60)

Globe Jumps: 13 (13)

Suicide Jumps: 17 (18)

Push-up Jacks: 27 (26)

Low Plank Oblique: 72 (71) 

So, as it seems, I am stuck at pretty much the same numbers as last time.. I am simply not eating enough and I feel this is what has been slowing me down and my overall improvement. I am not eating enough protein or carbs. I need to check my eating routine asap or the results will go down the drain. I am so tired you have no idea. I am still working tonight but I need to be able to be sleeping before midnight. 

I skipped the Fit Test #2, since during that time I modified that week and wasn’t able to include it, despite de fact that I worked out nevertheless. So here’s the results of the Fit Test right after the Recovery Week and start of month 2. 

The results (Fit Test #1 in brackets):

Switch kicks: 117 (81)

Power Jacks: 52 (40)

Power Knees: 111 (85)

Power Jumps: 60 (41)

Globe Jumps: 13 (8)

Suicide Jumps: 18 (10)

Push-up Jacks: 26 (16)

Low Plank Oblique: 71 (48) 

I feel improved. Push-up Jacks is the one exercise I struggle most with. I can’t go all the way down, so I guess I can consider that as form being a bit off or as kind of a cheat. Nevertheless it tires me and I feel I am working so I guess that should count for something. Max Interval after absolutely crushed me. I went for a hike afterwards too, and today I can barely move, but I need to keep on doing this. I feel so empowered. This years and summer is already going so differently for the better and I am proud of my perseverance. I will measure my body today or tomorrow as I did at the beginning. 

I love it when Shaun T. continues to emphasise “This is Recovery Week guys, this is Recovery Week” and clearly everyone wants to shove the Recovery Week in his ass at that time. I speak for me obviously. Once again, recovery week my ass! 

Insanity month 1 is getting to an end. One more workout tomorrow and monday I’m starting the recovery week. I am excited that without noticing I’ve reached this far. The first and only time I was successful at finishing Insanity things were tougher. I was more aware of how hard it was for me to finish a workout and I was simply and overall crossing each day out that was complete. Right now I am simply adding something to my day. I am not making it all about workouts and meal plans and I am thoroughly enjoying it all so much more. I can see results, but I gotta say that I’m not eating 5 times a day.. And I don’t care. I am eating when I want, what I want and I guess that’s what living is all about. I told myself 2014 would be the year I would switch the way I accept myself and I am doing it so much faster than I thought. It literally is all in our minds and souls. 

Losing weight has not been happening as fast tough. But volume I guess it is. I just want to feel better and I’ve been feeling better. That’s all that counts. I am proud. And I keep on going. For me and me only. 

These are my measurements as of now 1/07/2014:

Legs: 61cm
Calves: 35cm
Hips: 107cm
Abdomen: 92cm
Upper Arms: 30cm
Bust: 93cm
Underneath Breast (Ribs): 87cm
Neck: 31cm

I am quite aware that some of these measures don’t even exist per se but I wanted to register them down so I could better follow my improvements regarding volume and body mass. 

I have been cheating on Insanity but not like before. I have been doing when I can and I have also been fast pace walking 4km per night plus running about 2km. I feel much better and today against all odds I gathered the strength of the gods and did Pure Cardio plus the overall 6km workout right after, after a long day at the beach. Feeling good and ready to kick Shaun’s ass again. I’ll be starting tomorrow as if it was my first week just to have something to follow by. I am proud. And I need to keep on feeling this way. 

And this is Shaun T. looking at me from my screen while I am about to pass out on the floor. I feel so good. 

I can still hear him say “You can do it!”


Another try at Insanity, after a sucessful one and one that I failed miserably at. This time I have about 10kg to lose, give or take. But specially I am focused once again on volume and overall health. 

The Fit Test was yersteday. Didn’t had time to input the results. But on a even worse side note I did not exercised today. I woke up super early for a school party for my 3 year old cousin and then arrived late afternoon and had to grab some things, in between all the work I had to finish. My eating routine today was lazy as well. But I feel my metabolism was clearly boosted after only the Fit Test yesterday and that is making me happy to continue. I am also so very sore. I missed feeling this way. I feel this will be the time to conquer inner promises. 

Here are the results: 

Switch kicks: 81

Power Jacks: 40

Power Knees: 85

Power Jumps: 41

Globe Jumps: 8

Suicide Jumps: 10

Push-up Jacks: 16

Low Plank Oblique: 48 (form was really off tough, I am pretty sure)

Here I go again.

Tomorrow insanity. I am tired of being a quitter. 

65 second plank killed me. I am old. 

Insanity killed me today. I finished though, but it was so hard. I am not getting enough sleep apparently. And eating enough. Damn it. 

Fit Test #1 results in brackets.

Switch kicks: 88 (95) - Bad beginning

Power Jacks: 48 (42)

Power Knees: 100 (70)

Power Jumps: 50 (28)

Globe Jumps: 10 (0)

Suicide Jumps: 15 (13)

(Modified) Push-up Jacks: 22 (18)

Low Plank Oblique: 55 (43)

I feel my technique improves more than numbers. For instance yesterday I paused when I wanted to do some yoga. Also I have been really tired and constipated and I feel I need to fix this. Other than that I am so happy I’ve been able to stick with this and don’t let other evil thoughts change my commitment. In one month I will be swimming and I need to be happy about me and confident about my health. One month to go.  

Bad weekend alert. Not only I am not eating enough throughout the day but I also overate on bad stuff yesterday and today. I don’t care though. Insanity was smashed today, and I feel I am getting better on it. I will find a good yoga exercise for tomorrow and I will probably repeat cardio abs again.